'le Maniaque de la Cuisine'....specialized in Bonaire Sea Salt and Grinders!

I started in 2006 with Mr. Saltman as the exclusive distributor of the original, delicious Bonaire Sea Salt. A pure, authentic product, which we are making for over 400 years on one of the most beautiful islands of the Dutch Caribbean ... Bonaire!

As the Bonaire Saltshop became more 'known', I kept listening to my customers everyday! These wonderful people were asking me more and more, not only for salt products, but also for kitchen and dinnerware. There is a lot of kitchen and dinnerware on the internet, but I would like to 'focus' myself on Grinders or Mills and Graters. Sea Salt and Spices together with a grinder, are great combinations. Actually, they can not without each other! Grinders are made in many designs, materials and powered by hand or battery! I always love to see a nice grinder on the dinner table or in the kitchen. A grinder set can tell you something about who is living in the house and/or preparing the food in the kitchen.....

Because of Salt (and Coffee) are my two passions, you'll find a nice collection of grinders for your Salt, Spices and Coffee. And by the way...... for re-filling your grinders....there are also original Bonaire Sea Salt products available!
IMPORTANT: Shipping of NON Salt products is FREE in the US! Unfortunately, my Sea Salt has to be shipped from Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean.

If you would like to know more about my other passion....., go to my new webshop: www.artistaelcafe.com You'll be surprised if you are a coffee 'lover' like I am!

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